Current Events in Skiing

The FIS World Cup Events take place annually in all the major skiing disciplines from December to March. Men and women compete separately and events are hosted by countries across the world, although the majority still remain in Europe. Some of the less popular forms of skiing are also represented, with the grass and roller skiing junior championships taking place every August. A full list of the events each year and their locations can be obtained from the FIS website.

The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are organised every four years, the last event taking place in 2006. The 2010 Winter Olympics are to be held in Vancouver and will include Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Paralympic Alpine skiing, Cross Country and Biathlon, Freestyle Skiing and Ski Jumping. Full details and schedule are available on the Official Winter Olympics Website.

The Winter X Games is a yearly events dedicated to the more extreme aspects of winter sports. The main skiing events are Skier X Men’s, Skier X Women’s, Ski Slopestyle, Ski SuperPipe Men’s, Ski SuperPipe Women’s and Mono-Skier X. There are a range of other sports including snowboarding and Snocross (technically a jet ski designed to travel on snow). For a guide to all the events, results and schedules, see the official ESPN X Games Website.

The Four Hills Tournament consists of four Wold Cup Ski Jumping events, two taking place in Germany and two in Austria. The event has been running since 1951 and, in 1996/97, a knock-out system was put in place. Although not as famous overall as the Winter Olympics or FIS championships, this event is seen as the most prestigious ski jumping event.