Hintertux, Austria

Hintertux is located in the state of Tyrol, in western Austria. The resort itself is situated in the large Zillertal Ski Area and includes the famous Hintertux Glacier, which reaches an impressive height of 3,250 metres.

The resort is particularly popular with weekend skiers and it is one of the few remaining places on the continent that can guarantee snow regardless of the time of year. Furthermore, since it is part of the Zillertal Ski Area, it provides visitors with easy access to other skiing areas including Finkenberg, Hippach, Fügen, Kaltenbach, Mayrhofen, and Zell am Ziller.

How to get there

One of Hintertux’s best features is that it is easy to reach. If you choose to fly, there are plenty of convenient airports in both Germany and Austria. The closest airport is Innsbruck Airport, which is situated in Tyrol and is just 90 kilometres away from the resort.

Innsburg boasts excellent links with other countries in the continent and EasyJet, First Choice Airways, and Austrian Airways all fly between Britain and the airport.
Alternatively, Salzburg Airport is also relatively close (160 kilometres away) and, being the second largest airport in Austria, it is well-served by numerous flights departing from the UK.

If you do not mind travelling from Germany, your best option is to fly to Munich, which is approximately 200 kilometres away from the resort.

However, if you choose to fly to an Austrian airport, there are good rail links running in the direction of the resort. Take a look at the ÖBB website for more details on fares and timetables.

If you prefer a greater level of independence, you could hire a car and enjoy a leisurely 2 hour drive between the airport at Innsbruck and the resort.

Who the resort caters for

Due to the excellent transport links and the reliable snowfall throughout the year, Hintertux is very popular with those who can only spare a long weekend or simply want a short holiday.

However, the resort is also perfectly suitable for family groups and there is a wide range of activities available away from the ski slopes. The nightlife in Tux and Finkenberg is relatively lively, with the resort’s official website providing details on good locations.

No matter where you choose to stay, there are numerous great places to eat. Lanersbach and Vorderlanersbach, in particular, are very good for restaurants and bars.

Furthermore, there is plenty to see in the local area. Venture out to Juns and you will find the Tux Mill and the Alpine Cheese Factory, whilst Hintertux itself is home to the Cave of Spannagel (which provides fascinating information about the formation of the glacier).

There are also some beautiful churches, including the baroque Finkenberg church and the four chapels scattered around the village (the Innerberg Chapel, the Herzjesu Chapel, the Heimkehr Chapel, and the Hochsteg Chapel).

If this does not sound appealing to you, or you simply want to relax after a strenuous day out visiting these attractions, Hintertux boasts numerous spas and wellness centres. Details can be found on the official website.

What accommodation the resort offers

Like all the resorts in the area, Hintertux offers a wide range of accommodation options. Hotels, private apartments, huts, hostels, and farm lodgings are all available. The hotels in the resort are generally of a 3 or 4 star standard but cheaper accommodation is on offer in the form of huts and hostels.

The official website has a search engine for those wanting to book in advance or research prices. You can check it out here.

Slope information

Although Hintertux is primarily famous for its glacier, there is more than enough to keep both skiers and snowboarders entertained in the resort as a whole. The resort contains 236 kilometres of downhill runs, with the highest point being the Olperer summit at 3,476 metres.

There are 67 ski lifts, the highest of which reaches a summit of 3,250 metres. The most popular attraction is the Glacier Circuit, which includes a 72 kilometre run. Snowboarders can also enjoy the slopes on the glacier as well as the popular snow park.

Cross-country skiers are also well-catered for at the resort thanks to the 18 kilometres of marked trails.

Overall, Hintertux is primarily suitable for intermediate skiers. However, there are several ski and snowboard schools in the resort, where you can learn the basics from fully-trained ski instructors. The locations of the schools can be found here.

For information on prices for the various ski passes that cover the glacier and resort as a whole, the official website will once again prove useful. Further information on events and special deals may also be found here.

Resort vitals

  • Downhill Pistes – 236 kilometres
  • Ski Lifts – 67
  • Highest Lift – 3250 metres
  • Lowest Piste – 1300 metres
  • Cross Country Trails – 18 kilometres