Aigen-Schlägl, Austria

Aigen-Schlägl is situated in the northernmost part of Austria and is located in the municipality of Aigen im Mühlkreis, in the district of Rohrbach. The resort is not one of the most popular ski destinations in Austria but it is a decent choice for those looking for a great winter sports holiday or those who are craving a glimpse at the European Landscape of the Year (1999/2000).

A large part of the appeal of Aigen-Schlägl is its close proximity to other areas. The resort is located on the border with the Czech Republic and is relatively near to the sites of Ullrichsberg am Bohmerwald, Hochficht, and Neureichenau. Neureichenau is particularly popular with beginners.

How to get there

Since it is part of Rohrbach, the easiest way to reach Aigen-Schlägl is via Linz, which is the third largest city in Austria. It is also home to the Blue Danube (or Linz) Airport, which offers budget flights to and from London Stansted, courtesy of Ryanair.

Once you have arrived in Linz, you have a number of subsequent travel options, all of which travel through Aigen im Mühlkreis and then allow you access to Aigen-Schlägl. The cheapest option is to travel by train and there is a convenient rail line which runs from the city centre to Mühlkreis. You can research the timetables and fares on the Deutsche Bahn website.

However, you may find it more convenient to hire a car and head north up the western motorway in order to reach the municipality. A car will certainly come in handy if you are planning on exploring the region or checking out the other ski resorts.

Who the resort caters for

There are slopes of various types in Aigen-Schlägl, with skiers and snowboarders of all abilities guaranteed to find something to keep them happy. However, if you are looking for extremely challenging slopes or spectacularly high lifts, this is not the best resort to choose.

That said, alternative sporting activities are offered in the resort if you need some time away from the slopes. There are areas suitable for fishing, numerous hiking trails, archery sites, and outdoor and indoor swimming pools. There is also a wellness centre in the Hotel Almesberger.

Aigen im Mühlkreis is home to a number of picturesque monuments, museums, and churches, including the Aigen Parish Church, the Mount Calvary Chapel, and the Historic Sites Museum. Furthermore, there are numerous sites suitable for nature lovers, including Bärenstein’s Nature Vantage Point and the Mountain Wolf Farm.

Local culture is very important in the region and the annual calendar includes numerous events, such as folk music concerts, alpine skiing events, and theatre showings. You can learn more about some of these on the official website.

For those wanting to eat out in the evenings, Aigen im Mühlkreis boasts several decent restaurants. Many of these restaurants are located in the resort’s hotels, although there are some good Italian restaurants, inns, and taverns.

What accommodation the resort offers

Although there is a very wide range of accommodation on offer in Aigen-Schlägl, (including bed and breakfast-style private apartments, guesthouses, inns, and farm lodgings), the hotels are by far the most popular choice. As far as online booking is concerned, there is not much to be found.

Your best choice is probably the Hotel Almesberger. It is located close to a beautiful cross-country ski trail and other areas suitable for winter sport. The private apartments in the resort tend to have approximately 10 rooms, making them a good alternative to hotels.

For more information, as well as booking opportunities, explore the official website.

Slope information

Variety is the spice of life at Aigen-Schlägl, with skiers able to access roughly 172 kilometres of downhill pistes. There are 9 individual pistes served by the 7 available ski lifts. If you do decide to visit the resort, you should be aware that the snow cover is unreliable as a result of the low altitude (600 metres). In general, the slopes should appeal to intermediate skiers. Experts may wish to choose another destination.

Cross-country skiers will be kept happy by the 70 kilometres of trails provided in the resort. The special Mühltalloipe von Aigen-Schlägl cross-country ski track is great for enthusiasts. Around the local area you will also find various ski schools suitable for learners and snowboarders.

If you need to get around the town, use the resort’s free ski bus, which runs through various points in the area regularly.

Resort vitals

  • Downhill Pistes – 172 kilometres
  • Ski Lifts – 7
  • Highest Lift – 1340 metres
  • Lowest Piste – 930 metres
  • Cross-Country Trails – 70 kilometres