Adelboden, Switzerland

Located in the south of Switzerland in the Frutigen district, the municipality of Adelboden is home to the ski resort of the same name. As part of the Bernese Highlands, Adelboden acts as a convenient entry point to the magnificent Bernese Alps.

Although it is by no means the largest ski resort in the continent, it is arguably one of the finest. It regularly hosts cultural and sporting events, including FIS Alpine World Cup ski races. These races are usually held in January or February and both the slalom and giant slalom events are famous throughout the world.

How to get there

The transport links between the UK and Adelboden are excellent. Indeed, there are four airports located within a two hour drive of the resort. The most convenient airport to arrive at is Berne Airport. This airport is just one hour away from Adelboden and boasts great links with London Gatwick, courtesy of Flybe and Hamburg International. Several other airports in Britain also offer flights destined for Berne.

Alternatively, you could choose to travel to Basel EuroAirport, Unique Zürich Airport, or Geneva Airport. However, bear in mind that Geneva Airport is the furthest airport from the resort.

Once you have landed in Switzerland, you will have to make a difficult choice regarding how to reach the centre of the ski resort. The Lötschberg rail line runs from eastern, southern, and northern parts of Switzerland. More information on fares and timetables can be found on the Swiss Federal Railways website.

Alternatively, you could choose to hire a car and travel to the ski resort in a manner which is convenient for you. However, if you do choose to hire a car, you should be aware that Adelboden only has one road leading from Frutigen. If you do not feel up to the challenge, you could try the more expensive option of hiring a taxi. Taxi numbers can be found on Adelboden’s official website.

Who the resort caters for

As an official host for FIS Alpine World Cup events, it may seem obvious that Adelboden is not the best choice for total beginners. However, although the resort is amazing for experienced skiers, it does provide a welcoming atmosphere for those wishing to learn the sport. Indeed, Adelboden boasts a number of ski schools, which are particularly good for young children.

Adelboden is far more than just a skier’s paradise. Rather, it is the perfect destination for an active and exciting family winter break. There is plenty to do away from the slopes, including horse-riding, playing ice hockey, indulging in a spot of tennis, and swimming.

If relaxation is more your thing, why not visit the excellent spa hotels, such as the Parkhotel Bellevue and Spa, or the Solís Cambrian Hotel and Spa. After all, this is the home of the first Alpine Wellness resort in Switzerland! Restaurants are also a great feature of Adelboden, with over 40 scattered throughout the resort.

Alternatively, if you fancy checking out the cultural sights, you will find plenty to keep you happy in Adelboden. Enjoy a visit to the Cultural Pathway Frutigland, where you can hike whilst discovering the natural beauty of the region. Furthermore, there are small but beautiful village churches in both Frutigen and Adelboden, as well as museums. Regular folklore evenings are held in the resort between June and August.

What accommodation the resort offers

Adelboden’s hotels are famous for their outstanding spas. However, other accommodation options in the resort include private apartments, bed and breakfasts, alpine huts, and even the opportunity of sleeping on straw!

The hotels in both Adelboden and Frutigen are of an extremely high quality. There are 24 hotels in Adelboden alone, which offer approximately 1,300 beds. Furthermore, there are 3,500 vacation homes providing over 15,000 beds. The official website offers search engines for online booking in both Adelboden and Frutigen.

Slope information

Despite the wide range of winter activities on offer, you would never dream of visiting a resort which hosts FIS Alpine World Cup races without checking out the ski slopes. There are approximately 170 kilometres of downhill pistes in Adelboden, including 70 individual pistes, all of which are served by 55 ski lifts.

Although there are 40 blue runs suitable for beginners, as well as an Official Ski School, the resort is particularly good for intermediate skiers (there are 50 red runs) and experts (who will appreciate the famous Kuonisbärgli run). The slopes are also great for snowboarders, since they offer both freestyle and freeride runs. As a famous and very popular resort, Adelboden operates a complex ski pass system and you should always research the rates before visiting.

Resort vitals

  • Downhill Pistes – 170 kilometres
  • Ski Lifts – 55
  • Highest Lift – 2350 metres
  • Lowest Piste – 1070 metres
  • Runs – 1 green, 40 blue, 50 red, 14 black