An Introduction to Skiing

Skiing refers to the process of moving along a surface on curved pieces of plastic or wood, known as skis.

There is a vast range of skiing types which involve different disciplines, techniques and terrains. Skiing for most people refers to Alpine or downhill skiing and involves traversing down a snow covered slope on two skis, but the word also refers to practices such as kite skiing, which involves moving across snow on a snowboard while being dragged by a large hydrofoil kite. Competitive elements revolve around speed in completing a course, turning technique, aerial acrobatics or a combination of both.

Apart from the acrobatic events, in which many gymnasts who have minimal competency at the practice of skiing compete, the sport is entered at a basic level (often on dry slopes) and elements such as jumping are gradually included with increasing proficiency. The roots of the practices lie in Scandinavia but, over the last hundred years, the sport has increased in popularity across the world and takes place almost anywhere that the climate permits.